When you are getting started, it is very important that your recruiters are aware and informed about the process that their candidates will go through. Of course this may be more in depth, but a great first step is a kick off email to your team. This may look very different for you, but a sample of a kick off email is below, feel free to use this exactly or as a starting point when communicating to your team:


We are going live with a candidate nurturing campaign with our new partner, Herefish. The campaign will kick off [today/next tuesday/on the 28th], and the attached email will be sent out to [number of] candidates.  All of these candidates already exist in Bullhorn and [high level overview of the candidates that will be nurtured ex. have not been contacted in 6 months].

Who exactly are we targeting?


  • Candidates in all 3 markets across the in-demand skill sets (for this campaign, that’s all developers, project managers and previous contractors).

  • Candidates at the bottom of our pipeline. These are people who came into Bullhorn more than 4 months ago, but no longer have a current recruiter assigned to them, they have not been pre-screened or had a note added.

  • All of our candidates who are not currently in process or marked as DNR

How does it work?

All of the Candidates in the group described above will:

  • Receive our targeted emails every [Number of weeks, usually 3].An example of the first email is attached.

  • When they receive an email they will have a few options:  Go to our site, view articles, browse jobs or Opt out.

  • The goal of these emails is to help develop our Brand and build a relationship with the candidate and is focused on much more than our open jobs. Thus, it will include interesting articles and resources to help them develop their career.

  • By continually building this relationship, we hope to be their first destination when they are ready to start looking for a job. Also, if we identify them in a search, they will already know who we are and that we are different than other firms.

When candidates click on a job posting, in the email or view at a job on our site:

  • We will receive a notification, even if they don’t apply. These notifications will be forwarded to the assigned recruiter so they can evaluate and reach out to the candidate.

  • The candidate will be added to a campaign that sends messages more frequently and is more focused on jobs. They will receive a personal email [usually 4 hours after taking the action] and then receive weekly emails for [Usually 4-6 weeks]. These emails will focus on why they would want to work with us, our current openings and resources to help them in their job hunt (such as writing a resume, networking or interview tips).

How do you know if a candidate is in the campaign?

  • There is a new field in Bullhorn called “Herefish Score.” If this field has a number in it, even if it is 0, they are in a Herefish campaign.

  • The higher the “Herefish Score,” the more they have engaged with us, either on the site or in the emails.

  • To see the details about the campaign you will go to the Candidate Record, and click on the HereFish tab.  If they are in the campaign, you will see info like the attached screenshot below.

  • It includes – Emails they were sent, what they opened or clicked on, every webpage they viewed, jobs they viewed and jobs they applied to.

How long does the campaign last?

Ultimately, the goal is for all candidates we could ever be interested in working with to receive relevant emails on a regular basis. We are currently monitoring the process very closely to ensure we are getting a good response from our candidates and you. During this time, we are eager to hear your feedback and ideas to make this an even better experience for our candidates.

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