Creating a new email in Herefish allows you to select from a few options:

  1. From an existing email - If you've already designed a template for a specific campaign and are planning to building something similar, this is usually a good option. Even if you are going to make dramatic changes, it's usually easier to edit your existing message than start from scratch. 

  2. From Template - If you designed and saved a template, it will be saved here. If you haven't, you can always go to the library and create one from a Herefish base template to use in this section. 

  3. From Scratch - Drag and Drop - If you want to build a visual newsletter from scratch, you can use this. However, if this is the first time you are building it, you might consider building it from your library so you can save it as a template. 

  4. From Scratch - Plain text - This is a good option if you'd like a message that will appear to have been sent directly from the recruiter. 

  5. A/B Test - This is the best option for testing the effectiveness of two emails and automatically selects the winner of a specified winning metric. Read more about A/B Tests here.

When you've selected from either of the first two options, you'll then be able to choose the email you'd like to start with. 

If you choose either of the other three options, you'll be taken directly into the email builder.

Click here for more information about building emails using the email builder.

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