The process of integrating Herefish with Bullhorn is very simple. To get started, all you’ll need to do is enter a new ticket with Bullhorn. This article also explains more details about the integration with Bullhorn.

Steps for turning on and testing the integration

 1. Enter ticket to enable Herefish integration - Simply enter a support ticket to Bullhorn telling them you'd like to turn on the integration with Herefish. The integration is usually live in less than 12 hours from the time the ticket is entered!

2. Once Herefish and Bullhorn have completed our steps to enable the integration the following will happen:

  • Candidate syncing – Any candidates who match the search criteria in the searches above will automatically be synced into Herefish and associated to the proper campaign. If new contacts meet that search criteria they will also automatically be added to Herefish and the correct campaign. If a contact no longer meets that search criteria, they can be automatically removed from campaigns they are in, they can remain or they can be paused.

  • An "Add to Herefish Button" will be added to your action menu. This allows you to select a group of candidates (or contacts) and push them all into Herefish without saving a dynamic search. 

  • A “Herefish” tab on the candidate (and contact if applicable) This allows recruiters and salespeople to see all the details about the candidate’s interactions with emails, texts and your website.

  • A “Herefish” option in the marketplace section of the main navigation menu. You can use the full Herefish application from this tab or you can always go to if you don’t regularly use Bullhorn

  • A field on the candidate record for “Herefish Score,” this allows your recruiters to search, filter and/or sort by how engaged they are with your company and the messages sent via Herefish. More information about the Herefish score can be found here

  • You will now have the ability to automatically update data on your candidates in Bullhorn, based on actions from Herefish. You create your own rules to  also initiate field changes, add tasks or add notes to Bullhorn.

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