What are common marketing campaigns for Staffing?

Herefish is configured to allow you to easily add common campaigns. For more information about those campaigns, click here.

How is the Herefish score calculated?

Basically it is a few points for opening, more for clicking, more for viewing a job and a lot more for applying for a job. For a more detailed overview, see this help article

How should I tell my team about Herefish?

We have put together a sample email you can send to your team prior to kicking off. It includes a general overview of some common campaigns and their experience. You can view it here.

How can I write better emails and what are common stats?

This is a big topic and is covered in depth in the following Herefish resource

The entire resource is dedicated specifically to emails in the staffing industry, primarily focused on candidates, but also some information specific for clients.

What type of Recruitment marketing metrics and resources do other firms have?

We conducted a survey of over 400 staffing professionals from all sizes and industries. Our results, which cover quite a few topics are outlined in this Herefish blog post.

How can I easily create more content for my candidates and clients?

As it relates to creating content specifically for email. There are really two good options:

  1. Curated content – This consists of finding interesting content from around the web and sharing it in a few different ways. You can read more about it on this Herefish blog post.

  2. Original content – You can of course hire someone full time or write it yourself, but we think a great starting solution is to leverage freelancers. We’ve found the easiest way to do this is using Upwork or other online freelancer systems.

How can I better position the value of recruiters to my candidates?

We’ve created exact language that you have full access to use, you can view it here. You can either use it as a start to building a white-paper or page on your site, or use it as a starting point to build your own.

How can I improve my employment brand?

By being a Herefish customer, you are already taking big steps into improving your brand. However, there are many other ways to better appeal to existing candidates and prospective ones. You can read a detailed action plan using this Herefish resource.

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