Alright! We made it through HF101 and we are now moving onto creating real lists and automations that are going to impact your business for years to come! 

You should now feel comfortable navigating around Herefish. You'll also likely have a few of HF101 items still open and some complete. 

After this course, you should feel comfortable building intelligent lists, creating new automations and building emails. 

Great news! Because you likely have a few items still on your to-do list from HF101, there is a lot less to cover in this session 👍🏽.

Pop quiz!

  1. Do you know how to save a search in your ATS and then turn that into a list in Herefish?

  2. Do you know what automations you'd like to start building in Herefish?

  3. Have you built an email yet?

How'd you do? 

Great, we are sure of it...

This is your training, if there is anything you aren't familiar with, you can always go back to HF101 and/or we can go over it in the 1 on 1 portion. 

HF 102 Topics


  • Build the lists you'll be using to go live

  • Get the lists synced into Herefish


  • Detailed review of automation settings and steps

  • Start building your actual automations

  • Detailed review of Email Builder


  • Make sure your Divisions are properly configured

  • Mapping candidate and job categories

HF 102 "Homework" and Resources

Jump to HF 103 "Going Live"

Review HF 101 "The Foundation"

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