The 1 on 1 portion of this session will begin with ensuring we understand your initial strategy and what you'd like to initially accomplish with Herefish. 

If you don't know what you'd like to accomplish first, we will work with you to figure it out. 

After we learn more about your plans, we will jump right into getting everything set up. Prior to this first call we will have already asked that you turn on our integration with your ATS provider. By the time we finish the call you will be done with most settings and on to creating automations! 

💡Tip - Be prepared; like your first course in college, this first course can be a lot! Unlike your lecture hall, this is personalized; if we are going too fast, raise your hand ✋🏽and ask us to tap the brakes. There are some things we want to start early, because they rely on other people in your organization getting involved.


  • Review integration settings

  • Cover managing ATS Users and Owner Assignment Rules

  • Setting up your website integration

  • Adding/Managing Herefish Users (and how that differs from "ATS Users")

Herefish Basics

  • Creating your first list from your ATS

  • How lists connect to Automations

  • What you can do in an Automation

  • Email Builder

HF 101 "Homework" and Resources

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Herefish Walkthroughs

(NOTE: You must be a logged in to your Herefish account to access our in-app Walkthroughs)

  • Take an interactive tour of the Herefish Lists - Lists Tour

  • Take an interactive tour of Herefish Automations Screen - Automations Tour

  • View our tutorials that walk you through every step of building automations - Build With Billy

Herefish Technology Setup

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