You have now gone live on your first campaign! If you feel comfortable with everything that it took to get there, you are now ready to move on and start creating new and even better automations! 

As a double check, this course has everything covered in HF 101, HF102 and HF103 in a single place to make sure you've got everything covered. If you feel good with everything here, you have now graduated from the 100s and are ready for the 200s.

HF 101 Resources:

HF 102 Resources:

HF 103 Resources/Tips:

  • Email Activation - Every email is initially in a draft mode until you select "activate." To activate an email, you'll either click on the "activate" text or click on the three dots and select "activate".

  • Automation Activation - When you are ready to activate the campaign, you'll simply click the green "Turn Automation On" button at the top right area of your screen and activate your automation. Once you do that, you'll see a confirmation screen that lists how many people have been activated. 

  • Check status - Now that you have started to send messages, you are undoubtedly curious about who has received it and what they've done. You'll see exactly how many people are in a step, right on the card and you can click on it to see some additional information. You can also click on "View Metrics" to see more about what they've done.

More Resources:

  • Review the Getting Started Section for other ideas or topics we may have missed

  • Review our various FAQs section for some questions you might have or some ideas about how to improve the efficacy of your emails and automations.

  • Check out the Best Practices Section for even more

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