The integration settings vary by ATS Provider. This article displays and focuses on the Bullhorn ATS settings. 

These settings are found in Settings > Bullhorn > Bullhorn Integration Settings. 

This section allows you to set a variety of settings:

  • Custom field selection - Herefish imports a number of standard Bullhorn fields and also lets you import custom fields. These fields are used in merge tags and automations. You don't need to import these fields for filtering, only if you'll be using them as merge tags, updating them as a Herefish action or if you'll need to trigger actions based on custom dates.

  • Select submissions and placements to import - Herefish imports submissions and placements assigned to Herefish candidates. This is used for the dashboard and notifications about new placements.

The "Sync Bullhorn Data Now" Button can be used to force a sync of your Bullhorn data into Herefish immediately (instead of waiting until the next scheduled hourly sync). The user who initiated it will receive an email informing them when the sync is complete. This can be useful if you're trying to work in Herefish with a recently created tearsheet, recently updated records, etc. 

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