The ATS users are a key part of ensuring that all communication sent using Herefish is personalized. Your users are automatically synced from your ATS to ensure they are always accurate and only the active users. 

It can be found by going to Settings > ATS Settings > ATS Owners

The owner information is used in Herefish when messages are sent from the Owner. It is also used when sending notifications or tasks to the Owner. 

If there are users in your organization whom you do NOT want messages being sent from, you'll want to disable those users in Herefish. Common examples of that are "House Recruiter," "New Lead" or your CEO who used to recruit and still has candidates assigned to them. 

To disable ATS Users as "Owners" Herefish, just click on their name and move the slider to disabled. 

Once a user has been disabled, the candidates assigned to them will then move to whomever left the last note. 

If the person who left the last note is not a valid Herefish Owner, we will look to your Owner Assignment Rules to determine whom to send the message from. Contacts without a valid owner will be evenly distributed among these users as they enter Herefish. These contact owners will be used to send messages and receive notifications about their contacts. More information on Owner Assignment Rules can be found here.

If you ever need to see which users have been disabled, you can check the box for "Include Inactive" at the top of the ATS Users section. 

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