Deliverability of your messages is one of Herefish's most important responsibilities. We will help you to stay compliant, suggest best practices and have security features built into the system to help maintain a great sending reputation. 

In addition to those steps, there are some technical steps you will want to take to help get as many messages into the inbox as possible. No matter which approach you send, all messages will appear to be sent from your domain and when a contact responds, those responses will come back to whoever they were sent from.


The ideal approach is for Herefish to white-label a new sub-domain. This takes some involvement from your IT team, but it is a straightforward process. This ensures the highest deliverability. 

By white labeling your domain, you will start to build your domain’s email reputation and explicitly show all your recipients that you actually sent these emails. This should help increase your deliverability rates and reduce your potential for spam reports.

The steps for the process are as follows

  • Herefish or your Implementation Partner will send you an email with all of the information you'll add to your domain. Also found here (must be a Herefish admin to view), under the Website Integration tab.

  • You will then forward that information to your IT team or add them on your own

  • You or your IT team will then add 4 new CNAMEs to your domain's DNS Records. If you need help, you can run the following search in google, then add the name of your hosting provider. 

  • Once this is complete, please confirm with your Implementation parter or send an email to and Herefish will complete the process.

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