Herefish is a pretty easy platform to get up and running, most of it you can do on your own. There are a few steps to integrate with your existing technology systems, which may be handled by outside resources. Those tasks are each detailed in their own help article, but a link to each and who might be best to handle it is below:

Website Manger

You will work with whoever manages your website to add our tracking code and importing out content. These are somewhat basic changes, so if you've got access to your site, you may be able to make them on your own as well. 

Tracking code help article. This is simply adding a little bit of our code to the header of each page on your website. If you have more than one website, such as and this can and should be added to both.

Domain Manager

This could be the same company/person who manages your website, but it isn't always. This might be your IT company or whoever manages your email. If you've got access to your DNS, you can take these steps on your own (this would be something like GoDaddy, Registrar, or If you don't know what a DNS is or don't have access, you should probably assign this task to a professional! 

You can view or send the "Prepping your domain for email sending," article to your domain manager. This outlines two options; we always recommend the second option, which allows you to fully white-label your domain for emails.

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