When clicking Settings > ATS Integration Settings you'll be able to see all the standard and custom fields currently pulling into Herefish.

If you recently made a name change or made a custom field visible it won't be immediately available in Herefish. Those changes will populate in Herefish when the next sync occurs - typically within 5-6 hours.

If you'd like access to the field sooner than that send us an email or start a live chat (likely to be the quickest way). We'll be able to manually force a sync and those changes should be visible and able to be utilized shortly!

Troubleshooting Custom Fields:

In order to make sure you're custom fields properly sync there are a few details you would want to iron out in your Bullhorn field maps:

With entities such Placement and Job, Bullhorn divides them into different tracks. (such as Job I, Job II, Job III, Job IV, Job V.) More information on Bullhorn tracks can be found here

Because of this, for custom fields to be recognized by Herefish properly, the field name, label name, and edit type must be the same in each of the corresponding tracks (Please see the screenshot below for a better understanding )

Please Note:

Herefish does sync Hidden fields, so the custom fields you would create in Bullhorn, can be hidden and will still sync to Herefish.

The fields also do not have to be required or have same sort order.

You can create a custom field to show up in the To: field of the notifications however, this field would have to be a customInt field ( can also be a correlatedCustomINT field). As mentioned above, if this field is added to the placement or job field maps, the field must be present and identical on each track.

The created field will only show up in the automation matching the entity. For instance, if you were to create a customInt field within the Job entity, it would only populate in the To: field of the notifications for a job automation.

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