Herefish allows you to automatically display your best job openings for a candidate in any email. This is done dynamically by matching the jobs from your website with lists you configure in Herefish.

The steps for setting this up are below. This one can be a bit tricky, if you are having any troubles at all, please don't hesitate to click on the live chat and we can help get it set!

To configure this you'll go to settings > Website integration > Job syncing

Picking the job types on your site

The first step is to enter the URL for the page on your site that lists all your jobs. This will be used as a fall-back if there were a scenario where there isn't a job listed that is a match for your candidates. 

The next step is to go to your site and filter your jobs page so it displays the type of jobs that are relevant for a specific category of candidate. 

Example - Let's say you want to find jobs that are relevant for Developers. Search for exactly what you'd think a developer would search for on your site. 

Once you have your list of jobs pulled up, you should see that the URL has changed. Copy that URL to your clipboard. 

Note - If the URL did not change, you might have what is called a "Single Page Application," that is OK! We can get the information for that as well. Please just open a chat and we'll configure your system so you can follow the rest of the steps. 

Picking the candidates for each job type

Now that you've got your job list set, we need to associate it with the right type of candidates. Like many other places in Herefish, you can segment your candidates by a List. This allows you to segment your candidates in any way you'd like. If you don't have a reliable field about the specialty or just want to be more specific (or broad), you can build a list. Example - Candidates with "Developer," in their resume."

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