We’re excited to announce that creating job-based automations are now available in Herefish!

You can now create automations that are triggered by new or changed Jobs. Once triggered, you can edit Jobs, create internal notifications or even update your customers on Job status. 

There are two main categories of Job Based Automations.

  1. Job only automations - These are automations that will usually be used to notify internal users or to change fields after a change on the job. 

  2. Job and associated Contact - These would be used to send messages to the Client Contact associated with a Job. 

This opens up a new level of automation and productivity for you and your team.  We do understand that it is always helpful to have some examples so here they are...

Job Only Automations

  • Notify the assigned recruiters when a new job is opened.

  • Change the status of a job once a submission has been created or only do it once a certain type of submission is created.

  • Change the status to closed when the Number of placements = the number of openings for the job

  • Alert an Account Manager if a job has been open for more than 2 weeks. 

  • If a job is for a MSP client with an SLA, and there have been fewer than 3 submissions in the first 2 days a job is open, send an internal notification to the account manager 

  • If a job has fewer than 3 client submissions after 5 days, check the box in Bullhorn to post it to the website. 

  • If a job is created via VMS Jobs and the client is Coca Cola and the job is 50 miles from 90345, assign it to the LA branch and mark it as high priority. 

  • If a job has been open for more than 60 days, change the status to closed.

Job and associated Contact Automations

  • Send a client satisfaction survey to a contact upon a job being closed, even if you didn't get a placement.

  • Notify a the Hiring manager when a job has more than 3 submissions in the internal submission stage. We are making great progress on your job!

  • Creating a task to follow up with a hiring manager if we have a job with incomplete data.

  • Automate tasks for check ins with hiring manager upon a new job for items such as general meetings, progress updates, retainer fee schedules, etc

  • Updating status of hiring manager to be able to filter in BH who's actually active with your organization based on active jobs.

This is just a short list of the possibilities using Job based automations. We are so excited to see where you take it from here!

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