Smart Tokens are a tool that allows you to merge data into your emails that isn't stored in your ATS. It will also allow you to send messages from people who aren't linked to the recipient in the ATS.

This is a very powerful new tool and can be a little tough to wrap your head around. Some common ways we expect people to use Smart Tokens below:

Example use cases:

  • I have 15 branches, I am doing NPS surveys for my contractors. When someone gives me a positive score, I want to direct them to the google review site for the branch that "owns," the candidate. 

  • I have contractor care managers, they are assigned to candidates based on a complex set of rules that aren't stored in Bullhorn. I want to send emails to candidates from the correct contractor care manager without duplicating the same automation for each.

  • If a client is not contacted every 30 days, I will notify their owner as listed on the client's ATS record. If they go 45 days, I want to notify the client owner's manager. The information about the relationship from rep to manager is not stored in Bullhorn so a smart token needs to be created for this use case.

Creating Smart Tokens

3 minute overview:

Adding a Smart Token

Smart tokens are located in the "Library," section of Herefish. 

  • Click on Library > Smart tokens.

  • Click "Add Smart Token."

  • Choose the type of Smart Token you'll create. Where possible, we'd suggest using candidate or sales contact tokens, since those can be used in any automation where you are communicating with candidates or sales contacts.

  • Now, you'll name your Smart Token and then start to add the token values that will be merged into your messages.

  • Whatever you type on the left is what will appear to anyone who receives a message through Herefish with the token listed.

  • The list you pick on the right side, will determine the lists of people who will see that token. 

  • A default back-up value will also always need to be used. This is for the scenario where someone is receiving your message, but doesn't match any of the token value lists you've created

  • Once you click save, you'll see your new token in the list of Smart Tokens and you'll also see it as a merge tag option throughout the system. 

User based Smart Tokens

Creating the user based Tokens works the same way as "general," tokens. The main difference is that they are linking to a user in your ATS, rather than a word. That means that they have multiple elements (Name, email, phone number and title) and they also can be used in more places than "general," tokens. 

These allow you to send messages from a Smart Token user and merge data into an email about a smart token user. The users can be users from your ATS or you can create entirely new users, specifically for the purpose of a smart token. 

Creating a Smart Token User

  •  When on the Smart Token tab, you'll click "Manage Users" in the top left corner. 

  • Then click on "Create New User" and enter all of the details for a user NOT in your ATS

  • From there you'll be able to create new non-ATS users. Once created, those users can be used just like ATS users.

As always, we recommend sending test emails to ensure that your newly created smart tokens will display the correct information you desire.

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